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Scholarship & Waiver

Tuition Fee waiver for Undergraduate Programs:

Serial Level of score: O&A level SSC & HSC (average) Excluding 4th subject Waiver / Scholarship Required CGPA to continue waiver
1 O level-5A’s in one sitting/7A’s in two sittings &A level-2A’s in one sittings 5.00 100% 3.75
2 O level-5A’s in two sittings & A level-2A’s in one sittings 4.80-4.99 50% 3.50
3 O level-4A’s in one sitting & A level-2A 4.60-4.79 40% 3.25
4 O level-4A’s in two sitting & A level -2B 4.40-4.59 30% 3.00
5 O level -3A’s in one sitting & A level-2B 4.00-4.39 20%
6 O level -3A’s in two sitting & A level-2B 3.50-3.99 15%
7 3.00-3.49 10%

**If a student fails to maintain the required CGPA for Tuition Waiver as mentioned above for the respective slabs, she/he will be eligible for subsequent slabs as per his/her CGPA obtained.

Tuition Fee waiver for Diploma Students:

School Diploma Exam Results Waiver Required CGPA to continue waiver
School of Engineering CGPA 3.50-4.00 40% 3.00
Diploma Passed – to CGPA 3.49 35% 2.80

**If a student fails to maintain the required CGPA for Tuition Waiver as mentioned above for the respective slabs, she/he will be eligible for subsequent slabs as per his/her CGPA obtained.

Scholarship for Undergraduate and Graduate Programs:

Scholarship Details Waiver / Scholarship Required CGPA to continue waiver
Scholarship based on semester results 20% 3.80 and above

Additional Tuition Fee waiver for Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programs

Serial Waiver details Waiver/Scholarship Required CGPA to continue waiver
1 Tuition fee waiver for children/ grand children of Freedom Fighters. 100% 2.80
2 Sibling / Spouse Waiver 20%
3 Waiver for Female Students 15%
4 Corporate Waiver (MoU singed organization) 20%
5 Corporate Waiver (Without MOU, minimum 2 persons from the same organization)) 10%
6 Group Waiver (If a group of 5 from the same educational institute are admitted together at the same time) 10% 3.00
7 Waiver for Primeasia Students who will be admitted in Graduate Programs. 30%
8 Waiver for MBA, MS in Microbiology, and M. Pharm Programs. ( Other than PAU students) 20%
9 Waiver for the students from Marginal Communities (Indigenous/ Ethnic Peoples, Dalit /Harijan Communities, Tea-Workers, Transgender and Bede/River Gypsies) 80%-100% 2.25
10 Tuition Fee Waiver for PAU employees and employee’s immediate family members (Spouse, son, daughter, sister and brother) 50% on total fees, required CGPA 2.80

Terms and Conditions for all categories of Tuition Waiver/Scholarship

  • 1. No student will get more than 50% waiver at a time (Except members of Freedom Fighter families, Marginal Communities (Indigenous/Ethnic Peoples, Dalit/Harijan Communities, Tea-Workers, Transgender & Bede/River Gypsies) and Golden GPA holders). Waiver will be applicable on Tuition Fees only (No waiver is applicable for Admission, Lab & Other fees)
  • 2. Student must take full load (as mentioned in department prospectus) in the current semester or s/he must earn minimum
    12 credits for all undergraduate programs, for Pharmacy (B.Pharm / M.Pharm) 16 credits and 9 credits for graduate programs in each semester.
    If any department offer less/fewer credits than the semester wise course distribution the condition could be relaxed, but the credits must not be less than 9 (Nine) for undergraduate programs.
  • 3. Dropped Out at any semester and intern students (Students on last /12th semester) are not eligible for waiver.
  • 4. Student with study gaps in SSC/HSC or equivalent exams are eligible for Tuition Fee waiver.
  • 5. If students fail (F) in any course(s) in a semester, s/he will not be considered for Tuition Fee Waiver for that semester. However, s/he will be allowed Waiver in the next semester with required CGPA.
  • 6. Students having “I” grade in a semester will be considered for Waiver in their current semester but have to pay for all the courses. If s/he obtains the required CGPA after “make-up” or grade submission, his/her Waiver will be reimbursed /adjusted in the next semester.
  • 7. Students, suspended / penalized for disciplinary reasons, will not be eligible for Waiver/ Scholarship for the remaining academic period at Primeasia University (starting from the date such decision is made).
  • 8. Maximum duration for Waiver: For all undergraduate programs except Architecture, the maximum duration for Tuition Waiver is 4 (four) years, but

  • Architecture : 5 Years