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Architecture is fundamentally a three-dimensional discipline, and in teaching students to conceptualise three-dimensional design using two-dimensional tools of expression, we conscientiously analyse how each particular student envisions form and space. We also encourage students to challenge architecture to move beyond traditional three-dimensional conceptualisation of form, deriving the essence of architectural design from intimate sensitivity to the human condition, issues of identity, behaviour, perceptions and experiences distinctive to a context.

We have started our journey since inception in Spring 2009. The Department of Architecture is committed to providing students with experience and framework that approximates our time-tested cultural tradition, while simultaneously exploring the cutting edge condition of modern time to create intellectual ground for the artefacts the learners will be making in their course work.

We always believe in the synergy of theoretical and practical knowledge to establish intellectual underpinnings to support the technical foundations of the architectural profession. It is in the academic arena where such underpinnings must be most rigorously promulgated, and the true test of theoretical architectural ideas occurs when these ideas are able to be realised in built form.