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We always believe in the synergy of theoretical and practical knowledge to establish intellectual underpinnings to support the technical foundations of the architectural profession. It is in the academic arena where such underpinnings must be most rigorously promulgated, and the true test of theoretical architectural ideas occurs when these ideas are able to be realised in built form. The mission of Architecture Department of PAU is to produce competent graduates in their selected disciplines who will have successful and productive careers or choose to engage in advanced studies and research.


At a new era when the national and international media regularly canvass issues pertaining to sustainability concerning the nature and habitability of our cities, and iconic buildings which veer between sculptural extravagance and environmental responsibility, there is a strong need for imaginative and committed designers and thinkers in architecture discipline. From the lofty achievements of virtuosos to the everyday life aesthetics in communities worldwide, the art and architecture are the most powerful symbol of human heritage, authentic mirror of cultural diversity and primary bellwether of future. A practical and critical knowledge is an indispensable foundation for enlightened citizenship in increasingly challenging and complex world. Having such a vision of producing creative and committed architects to combat the growing local and global gainsays, the Department of Architecture, Primeasia University is operating. Department of Architecture, PAU will be and will remain a centre of excellence in higher education. It will gain recognition, nationally and globally and will attract students, faculty and staff from all parts of the world.

Objective of the Program Offering Entity

Architecture is fundamentally a three-dimensional discipline, and in teaching students to conceptualise three-dimensional design using two-dimensional tools of expression, we conscientiously analyse how each particular student envisions form and space. We also encourage students to challenge architecture to move beyond traditional three-dimensional conceptualisation of form, deriving the essence of architectural design from intimate sensitivity to the human condition, issues of identity, behaviour, perceptions and experiences distinctive to a context.

We believe that teaching should simultaneously encourage the production of highly innovative works of professional calibre from students, promote students’ future careers through community exposure, and promote the institution and its scholarly work within the wider community. In this regard, we critically challenge students to identify themselves as representatives of ‘the new generation of designers’ through design research.

The main objective of the program is to produce Architects who will be able to meet the national and global demand in the Architectural Practice. After completion of the B.Arch., the graduates of PAU will be:

  • • A Life-long learners with good leadership skills,
  • • Efficient in oral, written and electronic communication,
  • • Critical thinkers with well-developed analytical skills,
  • • Ethical and socially aware and responsible,
  • • Leaders of diversity and tolerance, and
  • • Globally aware with commitment to socio-economic justice, and environmental sustainability.