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Panam Nagar (City) Visit

Posted on Febuary 8, 2020

The students of Department of Architecture, Primeasia University, are always motivated to go for excursion and to explore our very own city and surroundings. These field trip are planned by faculty member or sometime by individual or group attempt. This was one of the excursions to Panam Nagar conducted by our Head of the Department, Architect Sazzadur Rashid. Panam City is situated at Sonargaon of Narayanganj in Bangladesh. It is one of the ancient historical cities in Bangladesh. It is the most attractive and historically important city among the three other cities of Boro Nagar, Khas Nagar, Panam Nagar. The students get acquainted with the architecture and ancient city layout of the heritage in person with this trip that surely served the educational purpose as well as rejuvenation.